What vision drives BERG, day in, day out?
Children are the future; we are borrowing the world. Playing actively together helps children to develop into physically and mentally healthy and social people. Durable playtime materials which offer the freedom to play encourage creativity and contribute to a responsible association with raw materials. “Pure playing enjoyment is timeless.”

What is BERG BALTIC’ mission?
BERG strives in a sustainable way to enable as many children as possible to achieve creative and active interaction. “Every child deserves a BERG.”

What products does BERG BALTIC sell?
BERG manufactures and sells robust pedal go-karts, pedal go-kart accessories, trampolines and trampoline accessories, throughout BALTIC STATES. Alongside these pedal go-karts and trampolines, BERG can also sell you a balance bike or a beach wagon.

Where can I buy the BERG products?
BERG products can be bought in a variety of ways. It can be done through the BERG BALTIC shop in our home countrie. You can also buy BERG products through the BERG BALTIC webshop. To tray and see our products You can also in our SHOWROOMS.

Are BERG also suitable for schools?
Absolutely, BERG has developed a variety of outdoor toys specifically for school use. See our range here!

Can I also use BERG on vacations, at vacation resorts or on the coast?
Absolutely, BERG has developed seriously cool products specifically intended for use in vacation resorts or for example at rental points on the sea-fronts on the coast.

What is MOOV?
MOOV are fantastic wooden construction toys. With them you can build very cool constructions independently and without tools. Once you have assembled the MOOV and have played with it, you can simply take it apart again and build a new model.

What is Play and Share?
In the Play & Share environment, we have included some neat videos just for you. In addition, there are cool downloads waiting for you, and tips & tricks are described.

I’m looking for a BERG brochure; how can I get one?
BERG publishes the brochure every year showing its latest products. You can see the brochure in digital format here. Would you like to have a printed version? Then please visit our BERG BALTIC order form.

Where can I find more information about repairing or maintaining my BERG Pedal go-kart or trampoline?
BERG has available a number of instructional videos or assembly instructions. Using the search function on the website you can find them easily. As far as possible we have also included a number of assembly instructions which you can download. For instructional videos, please visit our BERG YouTube support channel.

Where can I find more information about the service and warranty policy?
You can visit the BERG service and warranty page here.

Can I also buy BERG products online?
Sure, that’s certainly possible. BERG BALTIC itself has a webshop (BERG BALTIC) you can visit.