What a choice! On this page you will find all the BERG Go-Karts together. You will find a great BERG Go-Kart for the very young, but also for the older kids. BERG is rightfully the ultimate go-kart specialist. BERG Quality A BERG is incredibly robust. It has to be, so that kids can go out and have great adventures with their BERG for as long as possible. Thanks to high-quality materials and a perfect finish, a BERG Go-Kart lasts a long time. BERG Innovation A BERG is not just a go-kart. A great deal of innovation lies behind the design to ensure that go-karting is always fun and effortless. BERG Design Striking, flashy, cool! These are just a few words that come to mind when a child on a BERG Go-Kart races past. BERG continues to surprise with its great choice of colours, themes and licences. BERG Fun With its various themes and licences, BERG Go-Karts appeal to the imagination and allow children to experience the greatest adventures. The additional accessories you can order make it even more difficult not to choose a go-kart.